Continuing on the route it started from Spain on the highways of Europe, a custom-built caravan called Stella Vita traveled about 2000 kilometers.

There is an important feature that distinguishes Stella Vita, which means “star of life” in Italian, from other caravans. This trailer never took a break to store gas, hydrogen, or electricity. Because Stella Vita gets the fuel it needs from the solar panels on it.

Developed by 22 students at the Netherlands’ Eindhoven University of Technology, “Stella Vita” is defined as a “self-sufficient house on wheels”. Because inside this trailer, there are all the accessories and rooms that should be in a house, such as a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, double bed, and sofa.

A young team named Solar Team Eindhoven 2021 designed the trailer, which was developed with financial assistance from sponsors. The vehicle, whose testing phase was completed in July, received the necessary permits in September to be able to drive in Europe.

Tijn Ter Horst, 21, one of the young members of the team that brought the project to life, said: “Our aim is to inspire the public and the world vehicle market for a “more sustainable life”. We wanted to show people and companies that life is already possible without harming nature.” says.