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Solar panel assembly line course (equipment – machinery)


Solar Panel Assembly Course Line Equipment Machinery

Training course Overview:

First of all, our service  gives the Solar Panel Assembly Line Course to improve the qualification of the trainee's skill.

As a course of " Solar panel assembly line course equipment machinery ", you will learn everything needed, and establishing solar panel assembly production line. The solar panels production equipment is divided into the following required machinery. Also accessories. The first run automated processes are the stringing, and lamination. But also the analysis of quality as electro lighting test. And other procedures are indispensable. Especially for the correct manufacture of the module in each component. The accessories are designed in order to help manual operations before, during and after the production cycle. And they also include controls and small repairs. In addition, the course will cover the financial and management aspects of the production line.

As Energco

We as Energco Team, are working hard to train the best way. So, the most innovative solutions are what we offer. Basically, this is a course of assembly line. The participant will be informed about Solar Panel Assembly line.

We also have other courses like " solar panel assembly course equipment machinery line " available on our course website!

Training course Goals:

  • Understand usage and handling procedure of solar modules.
  • Get familiar with electrical system and functioning.
  • Learn the mechanical equipment and its functioning.
  • Calibrate the frame fixing machine.
  • Understand the measurements and dimensions of different types solar module.
  • Get familiar with components and functions of junction box.
  • Figure out the assembly of solar panel.
  • Get familiar with occupational health and safe working practices.
  • Learn the required material for you project.
  • Do the financial analysis for the whole project.
  • Understand the number of employees you need to run the project.

Most of the solar panel courses have the part of assembly line but one of the most important one assembly line, especially solar panel assembly course.

In this part of the solar panel assembly project, specially the participant will know more about equipment in another word, tools and hardware. We have physical support in the project, whatever the participant needs. We as Energco will provide whatever the participant needs in order to let him use. Especially, the courses are available on most of the time in each year.

Training course Outcomes:

As you may guess, it's better to have more skills in energy sector. Hence, you are able to link the courses to each other, and this will be the way better than have only one course. The trainee is going to have more knowledge, more related to it.

  • Being able to manage solar panel production line.
  • Mastering the operation of soldering iron.
  • Design the solar cells to be connected in rows and columns as per model.
  • Being able to place the series of soldered solar cells.
  • Calibrate and supervise layup operation and lamination operation.
  • Professionally documentation of production activities.
  • Professional write the financial model of the project.

In conclusion, most of the job opportunities are available in many countries. As an installer, also adviser or even investor you should be trained on this section. We have a fast-reply contact department where you can click on here to get in touch and register today!

Actually, whoever interested in to be an expert or well informed about this department should attend but there is a list below especially attend. Although, engineers must take these kind of courses, business owners should take it too. Because being educated in this sector is very important. So, please let us know if you have any doubts, and we will tell you how necessary it is for each person.

Who should attend:

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Directors of solar production lines factory
  • Solar production line managers
  • Investors interested to enter this business

The participant will be an expert of mechanical equipment. Because solar panel assembly line course includes all of the tools in order to keep practice high. On the other hand, the participant is going to know more about statistics which is a really important point of this department. It will help to financial analysis and run the business with correct employees. The best way will be known about assembly line and take care of it very well.

Also, we offer the best solutions, because the participant will have more than one specific topic.

The Course is available only in one language for now. We are looking forward to keep courses in more than one language. Please let us know more about the languages that we can work on it. Finally, the location is available in Gaziantep for now. Please let us know if you need any assistance to have it in anywhere else. We will appreciate any opinion as a feedback.

Course Language:

The language of this course is English.

Course cost:

The cost of this course is 1950 €.


The course is located in Istanbul , Turkey

Engineering is a huge department. So, especially who wants to work for an energy company, the person should be well educated. We always will have openings on our training courses as well as solar panel assembly course.

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