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Solar Energy Projects Management

Renewable Solar Energy

Solar Energy Projects Management

Training course Overview:

First of all, Solar Energy Projects Management, Renewable Energy in general, have a wide global interest in modern electrical networks. So this course aims to make the participant aware of the solar energy systems. Also, their components and is able to properly plan and manage the solar energy projects. On the other hand the participant will be aware of the advantages of using renewable energy to feed off-grid loads. Eventually, this program will be concluded with a visit to a solar energy facility to learn about their practical experience.

The Solar Energy Projects Management course is given by Energco.com so, it has heavily benefits and has professional Energco Team. When the participant participates this Solar Energy Projects Management course, trainee will well know about solar energy systems, also there will be more technical terms like off-grid, on-grid and other words related to the department. The trainee is going the learn and be familiar with all of the words, terms and all the kind of project tips. What the trainee need is all about concentration during the training.

Training course Outcomes:

  • Understanding solar energy systems
  • Understand the difference between grid-on and grid-off solar systems.
  • Knowledge of the effect of using large scale solar systems
  • The incentives provided by countries to support solar energy and how to benefit from it
  • Review the factors influencing the success of the project financially
  • Identify the skills needed to manage solar projects


Actually, whoever interested in to be an expert or well informed about this department should attend but there is a list below especially attend. 

Who should attend:

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Directors of energy companies
  • Financial Managers of Energy Projects
  • The academics
  • R & D staff

 The Course is available only in one language for now. We are looking forward to keep courses in more than one language. Please let us know more about the languages that we can work on it. Finally, the location is available in Gaziantep for now. Please let us know if you need any assistance to have it in anywhere else. We will appreciate any opinion as a feedback.

Course Language:


Course cost:

1950 €



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