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Solar Projects Writing Proposals

Solar projects writing proposals

Solar Projects Writing Proposals

Training course Overview:

This solar projects writing proposals course will provide 20 hours of training. Also, it is covering important knowledge about photo voltaic (PV) projects. Upon completion of the course, trainees should have; a good understanding of PV system market, PV applications, proposal writing skills of PV solar projects. Especially better understanding of PV project’s tenders, developed financial analysis for PV projects, better understanding of PV system performance analysis. And better planning for Photo voltaic system projects. Field trip to a PV solar plant will be held by the end of the course.

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Training course Goals:

  1. Understand the components and types of PV solar energy systems.
  2. Get familiar with the tenders of solar energy projects and learn the professional submission of the applications.
  3. Learn the factors affects the projects’ financial aspects and developing the budget of the project.
  4. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Solar Projects (MEAL)
  5. Ways to get funding from international organizations for solar projects.
  6. Learn how to establish the right public and private partnerships for professional implementation of solar projects.
  7. Learn how to design and analyze a practical PV project (such as PV systems for Hospitals).

Training course Outcomes:

  1. Being able to write solar energy projects’ proposals professionally.
  2. Planning and managing PV solar systems.
  3. Mastering the functions of the MEAL section of solar energy projects.
  4. Ability to access funding and build strategic partnerships in solar energy field.
  5. Techniques of Purchasing high quality solar energy equipment in suitable prices.

Who should attend:

  1. Project Managers of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).
  2. Expert writing project proposals in CSOs.
  3. Project managers of solar energy projects.
  4. Consultants of solar energy projects
  5. Project Monitoring Managers (MEAL Division)
  6. Engineers wishing to understand, analyze and study solar projects and tenders.
  7. Director of strategic partnerships in companies and civil society organizations.