Glasgow Airport has unveiled its largest solar power plant plan under the airport, as part of its commitment to decarbonize its infrastructure and reach net zero by the mid-2030s.

Glasgow Airport operator AGS Airports said in a statement that the planned 30-acre ground-mounted solar power plant could generate enough power for Glasgow Airport, the airport campus, and neighboring businesses.

While the 15 MW capacity solar power plant is planned to be operational by the summer of 2023, AGS Airports CEO Derek Provan said: “All of our electricity is purchased from 100 percent renewable sources since 2018, but the creation of the solar power plant at Glasgow Airport, It will enable us to produce enough clean energy for both the airport and our neighbors.”

Expressing that AGS has the opportunity to become a test environment for hydrogen and electricity flights, Provan stated that the solar power plant will provide the ability to provide future proof for the increase in electricity demand.

Saying that they will start a green car program for the electrification of airport vehicles, Provan said, “All these will require electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We need to anticipate these changes, and the actions we take today will enable us to meet both the demands of the future and our net zero goals.” said.