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Management of Photovoltaic Systems Projects

Course Description

This course will provide 20 hours of training covering basic principles and design of photovoltaic (PV) systems. Upon completion of the course, trainees should have demonstrated a basic understanding of PV markets and applications, electricity basics, solar energy fundamentals, PV module fundamentals, system components, PV system sizing and electrical and mechanical design, performance analysis, and planning for Photovoltaic system projects. Field trip or research center visit will be held in the last day of the course.


Engineers,  technical personnel  and system managers  who need  a  better  understanding of  the  PV  generation. The course covers the basic concepts related to PV system, and then scaling up toward the recent technology available in the market.

Course objectives

  • To develop a better understanding of solar energy types.
  • To better understand Grid-connected and stand-alone PV System.
  • To know the Effects of large-scale photovoltaic power integration.
  • To deeply understand the available Feed in Tariff strategies.
  • To understand the factors affects the financial feasibility study.
  • To know the required management skills for PV systems

First Day

  • Understanding Solar Energy
  • Types of solar energy
  • Why Photovoltaic energy
  • Current source Vs Voltage source
  • PV system components
  • Types of DC-DC converters and DC- AC inverters

Second Day

  • Grid-connected Vs stand-alone PV System
  • PV System Design & Sizing
  • Measuring & recording solar data
  • Understanding the solar tracking devices
  • How to determine site placement of a PV system.

Third Day

  • Maximum power point tracking
  • Installations of a photovoltaic systems
  • Photovoltaic plants types
  • Photovoltaic source control system
  • Effects of large-scale photovoltaic power integration
  • Feed in Tariff strategies
  • Financial feasibility study

Fourth day

  • Low voltage ride through capability
  • Grid operator codes
  • Case Studies (German case study)
  • Simulation shows practical results
  • Planning for solar Energy project
  • Management skills required for PV projects

Fifth day

Field Trip Our 5-Day course concludes with a PV farm or research center on the final day.  The visit will allow the trainee to see the PV panels, inverter, tracking system, monitoring system and other components related to PV source integration.