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Hasan Kalyoncu Unv Gaziantep, Turkey

Electrics for Renewables Course

Training course Overview:

Review of electrical fundamentals including:

– Voltage, current and how they are measured, AC and DC, Resistance

– Inductance and Capacitance in AC and DC circuits

– Impact and calculation of Voltage drops

– Use of multi-meters, current clamps and shunts including practical exercise

DC-based Renewable Systems (off-grid):

– Systems architecture and batteries

– Calculation of cable size and measurement of voltage drop

– Over current protection and over voltage protection

– Safe operation and installation

– Practical session measurement of PV performance

– Earthing and over current protection

Grid-connected systems:

– Different types of generators inverters (asynchronous and synchronous types)

– Safety considerations

– The impact of power factor

– PV installation guidelines and installation standards

– Connection and Wiring standards

AC safety:

– Earthing arrangements and their implications

– Safe operation and installation

Who should attend:

Professionals and individuals with a strong interest in the electrical equipment side of renewable systems, safety instruments and controls.

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