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Electrical installation techniques, testing, delivery, operation and maintenance


  • The initial assessment of an installation prior to the design
  • Selection of protective devices
  • Cable sizing and installation
  • Inspection and testing procedures
  • The maintenance requirements
  • The safety factors required by national and international standards
  • The functional considerations that a designer has to take into account
  • How new technology can impact on the design particularly power quality
  • Safety requirements during installation, inspection and testing
  • Inspection and testing techniques that affect the maintenance requirements

Who Should Attend

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical and Electrical Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Maintenance Personnel with responsibility for an Electrical Installation

Learning outcomes:

  • How to improve productivity by improving the reliability of an installation
  • The additional knowledge will help in the design of new electrical installations
  • This knowledge will help in upgrading an existing installation when new technology is to be added
  • The training course will help an organisation to improve its effectiveness in ensuring compliance with standards
  • Knowledge of the impact of new technology will help in ensuring reliability of an installation
  • Knowledge of the design implications to withstand failures due to power quality
  • How inspection, testing and maintenance improve the resilience of an installation