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Connect and test the electrical cables

Training course Overview:

The course covers the full visual inspection of the complete installation and all the tests required to comply with the Wiring Rules both before the supply is connected and when the installation is energized. Including: Initial verification, Safety in electrical testing, Sequence of test, Pretests precaution, Preconnection and post connection tests, Filling in of a ‘Test Record Sheet’, Periodic Testing


Training course Outcomes:
  • Safety practice in relation to electrical testing
  • Visual inspection of electrical connections and identification of faults
  • Testing of electrical installations and connect the electrical cables using required test instruments  and adopting best practice to verify that the electrical installation is safe
  • Inspection and test of domestic circuits, continuity, insulation resistance, polarity, loop impedance and RCD operation
Who should attend:
  • Electrical engineers
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Other technical individuals

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Course cost:

2600 €