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To Invest in Waste to Energy Plants in Turkey

Basic package
Turkey, Gaziantep, Hasan Kalyoncu Unv
€1600.00 10 Working Days
1. Inform the investor the summary of renewable energy support legislation and how the project will benefit.
2. Clarify the incentives provided by the government for local industrialization in renewable energy projects, and which one will be useful.
3. Clarify types of technology used in the transfer of waste to energy and which are most useful globally.
4. Determine projects in the field of transport of waste to electric power in Turkey.
5. Provide names and information for companies that offer solutions in the field of energy waste conversion in Turkey and abroad.
6. Determine the amount of waste required for the project.
7. Determine the type of waste that can be used to convert energy.
8. Determine the appropriate electricity production technology (turbines or motors).
9. Clarify the specifications of the turbine or engine suitable for the quantity of steam or the quality of gas.
10. Calculate the amount of electricity produced by the generator.
11. The loss of energy in project.
12. Financial analysis of monthly and annually revenue.
13. Study the capital of the project until starting the project.
14. Calculate the annual operating expenses of the project and distribute it.
15. Financial analysis showing the financial flow and the time of payback of the project.
16. Financial analysis based on the expected electricity sales price after 10 years.
17. Clarify the risks that the project will face.
18. Make recommendations and results.
Advanced package
Turkey, Gaziantep, Hasan Kalyoncu Unv
€2200.00 15 Working Day
Includes all of the basic package and in addition:
19. Laws and regulations required to ensure the success of the project.
20. Clarify procedures for obtaining a contract with waste suppliers.
21. Clarify the procedure for obtaining the electricity sale license if it has not been verified and its safety if it has been made.
22. Requirements of environmental report issued by the Ministry of Environment.
23. Additional income opportunities in the project.
24. Project funding opportunities from banks in Turkey.
25. Plan of machines and systems in the project.
26. Comparing the current project with another similar project.
27. Determine the appropriate location and area for the implementation of the project and compare it with the currently available.
28. Project implementation timeline and all procedures to be followed.
29. Payments required according to the timeline.
30. Conduct discussions and negotiate with waste suppliers (if not already).
31. Conduct discussions and negotiate with the license holder (if not already).
32. Explain the contribution of the project to the environmental aspect and its advantage in supporting the Turkish government's energy plan.
33. SWOT analysis of the project.