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To Invest in PV Plants in Turkey

Basic Package
Turkey, Gaziantep, Hasan Kalyoncu Unv
€1200.00 7 Work Days
1. Search for solar energy licenses through Energco or receive project documents from the investor.
2. Receiving pictures of the project land and all required documents.
3. Ensure the conformity of the official papers with the mentioned specifications.
4. Evaluate the appropriate price to purchase the land with licenses according to factors such as: number of stations in the same location, validity of the license, reachability to project site, distance from the transmission line, earth status, solar radiation.
5. Study solar radiation at the point of project implementation.
6. Study the amount of electrical energy generated by the solar radiation falling on the project site.
7. Financial analysis of monthly and annually revenue according to solar radiation.
8. Studying the annual expenses of each project.
9. Study the change in the electric production for seasons over year and its effect on cash flow.
10. Studying the loss of energy to each project which is result of multiple factors.
11. Financial analysis of the project based on current electricity pricing.
12. Financial analysis based on the expected electricity price after 10 years.
13. Study the moment of project recovery of capital and IRR, NPV indicators.
14. Determine the cost of the project based on initial offers from EPC companies.
15. Proposals, costs of operation and maintenance according to the location of the project and its specifications.
Advanced Package
Turkey, Gaziantep, Hasan Kalyoncu Unv
€1600.00 14 Work Days
Includes all of the basic package and in addition:
16. Review the land and assess its condition.
17. Holding several sessions to negotiate with the owners of the license on the sale price.
18. Holding several sessions with the owners of the license to negotiate the mechanism of sale.
19. Participate in land purchase negotiation sessions and payment mechanism in the presence of counsel.
20. Assisting in the registration of an official energy company in Turkey.
21. Opening a bank account for the investor company.
22. Facilitating the deposit of the investor's funds in the bank account of his company.
23. Checking all project papers in coordination with the lawyer
24. Supervision and coordination with lawyer to write the appropriate contract with the owner of the license according to the state of his license.
25. Supervise and coordinate with lawyer to write the appropriate contract with EPC.