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To invest in Hydropower Plants in Turkey

Advanced Package (2200 € ) within 20 working days

  • Includes all of the basic package and  in addition:
  • Obtain the licenses and documents available in the current project and verify their conformity and validity.
  • Determine the licenses and documents required to start the implementation of the project.
  • Receipt of documents relating to ownership of the land of the project.
  • Receipt of documents for obtaining and verifying the local manufacturing incentive.
  • The company’s proposed experience in implementing the project in the field of hydropower.
  • Evaluate the pricing of the project implementation company and the specifications of the proposed equipment.
  • The official timeline for the implementation of the project submitted by the implementing company.
  • SWOT analysis of the project.
  • Make recommendations regarding the appropriate partnership rate and the appropriate price for the proposed license or project.