In Portugal, one of the leading countries of the European Union in renewable energy, electricity generation from renewable sources exceeded the country’s total electricity consumption in March.

Heavy rainy and windy weather conditions in the country boosted production at hydroelectric and wind farms last month, according to data from the Portuguese Energy Infrastructure Company (REN).

The amount of electricity produced from renewable sources in Portugal reached 4 billion 812 million kilowatt-hours in March. In the month in question, a total of 4 billion 647 million kilowatt-hours of electricity was consumed in the country. Thus, all of the electricity consumed in the country last month was met from renewable energy.

70 hours of continuous renewable energy generation

In the process that started in Portugal on March 9, all consumption was met from renewable energy sources continuously for 70 hours and no emissions were produced.

On the other hand, according to the Portuguese Sustainable Terrestrial System Association, 1.8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions were prevented in March thanks to renewable energy production in the country. It has been reported that this amount corresponds to an allowance of 21 million euros in the carbon market.

In addition, in the first quarter of the year, renewable energy production in Portugal met 61 percent of total consumption. Of this amount, 31% was wind, 24% hydroelectric, 5% biomass, and 1% solar power plants.

Portugal met its total consumption from renewable energy sources completely and uninterruptedly for 107 hours in 2016. Check more details on our Facebook page.