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Smart Building HKU Gaziantep, Turkey

PV Solar System For Residential Buildings

Basic Package
Turkey, Gaziantep, Hasan Kalyoncu Unv
€300.00 5 Work Days
1. Solar radiation according to the coordinates of house’s location
2. Appropriate tilt angle of the panels to obtain the highest productivity
3. Examination the shade and its effects on solar panels throughout the year
4. Determine required area to cover the house with solar panels.
5. Calculate the loss of energy in solar system.
6. Knowing the generated electrical energy from the system daily and monthly.
7. Knowing monthly savings of electricity bill.
8. The cost of the solar system with and without batteries.
Advanced Package
Turkey, Gaziantep, Hasan Kalyoncu Unv
€500.00 10 Work Days
Includes all of the basic package and in addition:
9. Distribution of panels on the surface or available space.
10. Determine the type and capacity of solar panels.
11. Determine the size of the batteries required.
12. Study the appropriate connecting type either parallel or serial
13. Select suitable properties for inverters and wires for installation
14. Design electrical diagram which required to connect the panels
15. Three-dimensional image of the final form of panels on the roof of building
16. Revenue monthly and annually to homeowner
17. After your investment in the project, what is payback time of your capital?
18. The effects of changing the seasons over the year to savings in the electricity bill
19. Proposals for operation, maintenance and expected cost