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Photovoltaic solar energy projects, advanced package (20 Hours)


  • To deeply understand how to design the PV system.
  • To know the detailed features of cloud platform in PV solar sector.
  • To deeply understand the available Feed in Tariff strategies.
  • To understand the factors affects the financial feasibility study.
  • To know the required management skills for PV systems
  • To know the Effects of large-scale photovoltaic power integration.


  1. PV systems and recent technology
  2. The advantages of the cloud platforms over the normal software
  3. The platform features
  4. How to increase the sales by using this platform
  5. how to do solar energy analysis
  6. how to do good customer relationship management (CRM)
  7. how to study different parallel and series connection.
  8. how to study power capability and power flow in the system
  9. how to generate an electrical circuit diagram.
  10. how to choose the optimum angle and tilt for the system.
  11. how to check the suitability of the products available in the market (inverters, PV panels, ….) with the system you designed.
  12. how to enter the utility real data to check the energy saving in the building after implementing the system,
  13. how to check the expected monthly productivity of the system.
  14. how to check the efficiency of the system.
  15. how to generate the cash flow report
  16. how to check the return on investment and the payback period of the project.
  17. how to check the system positive effect to the environment.
  18. how to generate a customize PDF file
  19. Photovoltaic source control system
  20. Effects of large-scale photovoltaic power integration
  21. Feed in Tariff strategies
  22. Financial feasibility study
  23. Low voltage ride through capability
  24. Grid operator codes
  25. Case Studies (German case study)
  26. Simulation shows practical results
  27. Planning for solar Energy project
  28. Management skills required for PV projects