Importance of Training Before Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable energy is a source of inexhaustible and clean energy. It has the potential to be used anywhere on the planet. The costs for renewable energy has been decreasing at a sustainable rate unlike the energy from fossil fuels. With the growing importance of the renewable energy market there has been an increase in participation in renewable energy courses.

There are many high school and university degrees, trade unions, local and non-governmental organizations as well as many renewable energy companies offering relevant courses and training. These courses usually involve introductory courses explaining the basics of renewable energy. They focus on the various renewable technologies including, solar, wind, biomass etc…, with topics includes; the design, integration, installation, maintenance, operation and sales.

These courses enable participants to:

  • Choose the best support mechanism applicable to the renewable energy project
  • Gather and prepare sufficient data for the feasibility study of a renewable energy project
  • Define the necessary steps for the operations and management of the project
  • Deal with the various stakeholders involved in the project
  • Make high quality decisions and judgement
  • Understand the legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Understand the risks associated with renewable projects
  • Share the best practices for that each project

The importance of these trainings lies in increasing the effectiveness of investment operations, technical assistance and analytical work resulting in better governmental policies and better advice to clients. Diversified training programs will mean qualified personnel who will be able to work with the latest scientific and technological developments. This is important for them to be able to better identify the most appropriate utilization and application of renewable energy projects.

One of the main barriers to development of renewable energy sector is due to the unavailability of technology, lack of infrastructure and trained personnel. Knowledge is one of the key factors for further development of the renewable energy sector. Only through proper trainings can people understand the necessary know how to satisfy the increasing demand for the expertise in this market.

Given that the renewable energy sector is in its early stages of development, the number of personnel involved varies. For the different technologies in the renewable sector there is a huge variation in activity worldwide. There is a widespread skill shortage of qualified technicians, engineers, sales specialists, auditors and properly trained personnel. Many universities are redesigning their renewable energy courses to better reflect the increase in interest. For people already working in the renewable sector, companies provide them with regular trainings to keep them up to date.

ENERGCO is one of the leading global organizations offering training courses on renewable energy. They work with the following public and private sectors:

  • Ministries working for climate protection at a national level
  • Regional or local administration
  • Policy makers at a state or subnational level
  • Financial and research institutions
  • Climate or energy related agencies

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