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Training course Overview:

SCADA Training Supervisory control and data acquisition is the technology of the future. SCADA is an Industrial control system which is used to control and Monitor the processes in any Industries .SCADA sytems have the capacity to collect data,Analyze it and also project a graphical representation of the received data. SCADA  is an Interface that reperesents the data to  a human operator and provide control over the process,SimaticWinCC is ideal for the use of HMI Software in all applications where operator control and monitoring are required on-site, either in production, process or automation. The course covers the software structures, hardware specification, engineering phases of SCADA system, presentation, archiving, operating process information alarms, measured values recipes, & reports.

Training course contents:
  • SCADA System Overview
  • The SCADA Explorer
  • Graphics Designer Editor
  • Global Script Editor
  • User Administration & Security
  • Creating Alarms with Alarm Logging Editor
  • Archiving & Trending Process Data with Tag-logging Editor
  • Creating Reports with Reports Designer
Training course Outcomes:
  • Make & test process pictures, configure the archiving and presentation of alarms, messages, measured values and trends.
  • Use SIMATIC WinCC efficiently and reliably on the basis of the “TIA Portal” engineering platform
  • Understand and edit SIMATIC WinCC projects for use in the SCADA area
  • Optimally structure the user interface
  • Implement logging concepts for messages, alarms and measured values
  • Selectively access values in the SIMATIC S7 and display and further process these values in the HMI system
Who should attend:
  • Programmers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Engineering personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Service personnel
  • Operators

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Course cost:

2600 €