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Renewable Energy Project Management

Solar energy stations management system

Which problem this service solves:

The task of managing the Photovoltaic (PV) stations has a huge impact on project feasibility and it’s payback period. Management of PV stations include: maintenance, monitoring and invoicing. The proposed platform solution is tracking the performance of the PV station and notifying the management and maintenance team about the required action if any disturbances occurred. This solution is improving the process of managing and maintaining the PV station and reduce the running cost.

How the platform works:

Any Engineering Procurement and Commissioning (EPC) company install distributed network of sensors to monitor the performance of the PV stations. Those sensors are connected to local workstations via an IP network. Acquired data by the sensors are then sent to the local workstations, which in turns synchronize it with a backend server through the Internet.

The backend server is able to analyze the received data and generate:

  • User-specific alarms
  • Reports
  • Graphs and charts (customized dashboard)

The above data will be also available through a passive mobile application (Android and iOS) to view and receive notifications and alarms.

So the solution is divided into the following main parts:

  1. Data collection: it contains sensors and local work stations (which is available in all PV stations).
  2. Main application server (which we already developed).
  3. Admin/user web access to the main application (frontend) (which we already developed)..
  4. Mobile application (based on customer request).

For which PV stations this idea can be used for:

As our team is working as a technical consultant for many unlicensed 1 MW PV stations in Turkey, so they will offer this solution to the owners of this PV stations. Currently there are more than 2000 unlicensed less than 1 MW PV stations is running in Turkey [1,2]. The number is expected to increase until 2020.

What are the unique features of this solution:

This solution will do below tasks:

1.Full monitoring system: produced energy daily and monthly, expected yield, generated income…etc.

2.Management tasks: Invoicing based on the contracts signed, notification about issues related to distribution problem to take legal actions, notification about renewing license or contracts, issuing cash flow reports with considering other running cost…etc.

3.Maintenance team: parts replacements, cleaning the panels, transformer tap changer changing, distribution high voltage problem actions, circuit breaker operation …etc.