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Training course Overview:

This course series presents an overview of modern electrical substations, emphasizing their importance for reliable and effective operation of power systems; describing all major, auxiliary and control equipment; listing typical engineering issues associated with substation design and engineering; and providing recommendations for addressing these issues. The entire course series consists of three parts:( Part 1) Mission of Electrical Substations and their Main Component,(Part 2) Electrical Substation Auxiliary and Control Systems, (Part 3) Electrical Substation Engineering Aspects.

Training course Outcomes:
  • Understanding of modern power systems arrangement, including the structure of Transmission and Distribution (T&D) system
  • Understanding the substation mission and its place in the overall T&D structure
  • Familiarizing with the substation main components
  • Describe the reasons for voltage transformation
  • Explain the meaning of sectionalization of power systems
  • Describe all major substation components
  • List all advantages and disadvantages of each type of substation bus system
  • Explain why overvoltage protection of substation elements is needed
  • List substation equipment installation options
Who should attend:
  • Substation design engineers and technicians
  • Industrial, utility, or plant engineers
  • Substation operations specialists
  • Project managers

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Course cost:

2600 €