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To Invest in Hydropower Plants in Turkey

Basic package (1600 € ) within 10 working days
  1. Explain the reality of hydropower in Turkey
  2. Inform the investor the summary of hydroelectric support legislation and how the project will benefit from it.
  3. To clarify the incentives provided by the state for local industrialization in hydropower projects.
  4. Explain the types of technology used in hydropower stations.
  5. Identification of the most important Turkish rivers and the expected production capacity
  6. Surveying some projects in the field of hydropower production in Turkey
  7. Review the quantity of water required for the project and compare it with the available independent statistics
  8. Specifying the specifications of the proposed turbine and its ability to produce the required energy from the amount of water available
  9. Calculation of electricity network usage fees by region in Turkey and its impact on the project.
  10. Financial analysis showing the financial flow and the time of recovery of the project for its capital.
  11. Expected quarterly changes on water flow and electricity productivity
  12. Capital of hydroelectric power stations in comparison to other projects.
  13. Study the capital of the project to be paid until the moment the proceeds started.
  14. Study the annual operating expenses of the proposed project and compare them with other projects.
  15. Financial analysis based on the expected electricity sales price after 10 years.
  16. Financial analysis showing the financial flow during the period of obtaining the domestic manufacturing incentive.
  17. Compare the current project with another project available for investment in Turkey
  18. To clarify the risks that the project will face
  19. How to meet the expected risks in the project
  20. Provide recommendations and results