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What are interactions?

Economic interactions play a ubiquitous role in the world economy. Individuals and organizations interact to find the right party with which to exchange; to arrange, manage, and integrate the activities associated with this exchange; and to monitor performance. These interactions occur within firms, between firms, and all the way through markets to the end consumer. They take many everyday forms—management meetings, conferences, phone conversations, sales calls, problem solving, reports, memos—but their underlying economic purpose is always to enable the exchange of goods, services, or ideas.

We have a private methods to deal with customers over email, social media and face-to-face.

Here our some keys:

  • Build a relationship – we take the time to be professional and personable with our customers.
  • Really listen to clients – we active listening and stay involved in the conversation This can make a good impression.
  • Use analogies to explain complex or technical issues
  • Resolve disputes quickly and in way that suits clients needs .