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Test and maintenance of generators

Training course contents
  • Generator system
  • Generator protection systems
  • Generator quality test
  • Operation and control of generators
  • Design of generator protection systems
  • The breakdown of generators and how to maintain them
  • Periodic maintenance of generators
  • Procedures for inspection, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and testing
  • Maintenance activities and specifications
  • Commissioning activities and specifications
  • Repair and refurbishment techniques
  • Enclosures and Sealing Arrangements
  • Codes and Standards
  • Common Operational Problems and critical components
  • All protective systems
Training course Goals:

Register for this course today and get the answers to the all questions including:

  • How does a generator function?
  • Why is it designed as it is?
  • What happens if the generator is synchronized out-of-phase?
  • What happened in the control room such that one would make such a large error when synchronizing?
  • How can we avoid such an error?
  • Just how bad (and what is) negative phase sequence currents?
  • Corona discharge what does that mean?
  • How do you repair fused stator punchings?
  • What components should be high-potential tested?
  • How can we avoid accidental injury when testing the generator?
  • What are the probable causes of grounded fields?
  • Why have we (recently) heard of hydrogen explosions?  How do we avoid?
Training course Outcomes:
  • A detailed understanding of the inspection required for all types of electrical equipment
  • The required diagnostic techniques including for critical components of electrical equipment.
  • Understand in detail the tests required for the various types of electrical equipment
  • Determine all the maintenance and troubleshooting activities required to minimize electrical equipment downtime and operating cost.
Who should attend:
  • Engineers of all disciplines
  • Managers
  • Technicians
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Other technical individuals
  • Electricians, Line Worker, Generator Mechanics, Metering Specialists

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Course cost:

2600 €