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Solar Photovoltaic Qualification



General Information About The Course:

First of all, Solar Photo-Voltaic Qualification Course improves the qualification of the participant given by Energco.

Secondly, solar systems are getting more important day by day. Most of the European countries are focused on Solar PV systems, so successful engineers who studied on Solar PV Qualification are getting popular because companies are looking for engineers. On the other hand, if you are not located in any Europe country, it's quite possible to work in Middle-East countries. We as Energco Team, are working hard to train the best way, so the most innovative solutions what we offer.

In addition, we have more courses like "Solar Photo-Voltaic Qualification Course" available on Energco Training. Similarly, in Renewable Energy subject, we offer the most innovative course. In other words, the best course who want to improve their skills.

In conclusion, most of the job opportunities are available in many countries, as an installer, adviser or even investor you should be trained on this section. We have a fast-reply contact department where you can click on here to get in touch and register today!

Training course contents:

  • Composition of the light.
  • Photo-voltaic effect.
  • Photo-voltaic cells.
  • Solar Photo-voltaic
  • Daily/ annual energy.
  • Positioning of the modules.
  • Photo-voltaic Energy.
  • Photo-voltaic Illumination.
  • Planning and designing a photo-voltaic installation.
  • The electric load.
  • Costs and evaluation of the economical solutions.
  • Maintenance and reliability.
  • Typologies and modality of installation.
  • Integration of the photo-voltaic modules in the building structure.
  • Economical perspectives.


Training course Outcomes:

  • Being able to distinguish between variant sorts of solar photo-voltaic panel.
  • Planning and managing PV solar systems.
  • Mastering the functions of the solar photo voltaic panel of solar energy projects.
  • Techniques of Purchasing high quality solar photo-voltaic panel in suitable prices.

Who should attend:

  • Technicians
  • individuals intending to learn how to install
  • maintain and repair Solar Photo-Voltaic equipment
  • Design engineers.

Course Language:

The Solar Photo-Voltaic Qualification Course language is English

Course cost:

The Solar Photo-Voltaic Qualification Course cost is 1950 €


The Solar Photo-Voltaic Qualification Course is located in Istanbul, Turkey