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Solar panel assembly line course


Everything needed for solar panel production :

Nowadays the solar panels production  equipment is divided into the following required machinery and accessories.

The first run automated processes are the stringing and lamination , but also the analysis of quality as electroluminescence test and other procedures are indispensable for the correct  manufacture of the module in each component .

The accessories are designed in order to help manual operations before , during and after the production cycle and they also include controls and small repairs.

A series of services provided by the equipment supplier are added such as prior training activities to delivery of the line, the preparation of the layout with all the indication to the operating requirements, support for the purchase of raw materials etc.

Main machinery:

Stringer machine for photovoltaic cells.

Layup station.

Automatic station with conveyor belts for manual bussing.

Electroluminescence test(1).

Laminator with buffers.

Automatic framing machine.

Automatic silicone dispenser.

Eva and backsheet cutting machine.

Solar simulator.

Electroluminescence test (2).


Ribbon cutting machine.

String reparation table.

Light and inspection mirror tables.

Support and transport tables.

Ribbon bending and joining tools.

Laboratory accessories for quality control.


Setting a production line of solar panels is a task that requires knowledge and experience.

The variables are different, so it’s better to organize the space according to a logic of efficiency and rationality, considering the operators, storage of materials and other requirements of the case.

Program Goals:

  • Understand usage and handling procedure of solar modules
  • Get familiar with electrical system and functioning
  • Learn the mechanical equipment and its functioning
  • Calibrate the frame fixing machine
  • Understand the measurements and dimensions of different types solar module
  • Get familiar with components and functions of junction box
  • Figure out the assembly of solar panel
  • Get familiar with occupational health and safe working practices




  • Being able to handle procedures solar cell
  • Mastering the operation of soldering iron
  • Design the solar cells to be connected in rows and columns as per model
  • Being able to place the series of soldered solar cells
  • Calibrate and supervise layup operation and lamination operation
  • Professionally documentation of production activities

Who should attend:

Electrical Engineers

Directors of solar energy companies

The academics

R & D staff

Electricity technician

project managers

Technical staff who need a sound understanding of soalr power

Course Language:




Duration of the course:

20 training hours


29/09/2018 (First day)

From 9 a.m to 6 p.m

30/09/2018 (Second day)

From 9 a.m to 8 p.m

Cost of the program:

1950 €


  • The first participant in the course by paying the full course fee gets a 20% discount. ($ 720)
  • Early registration to pay the amount by 16/08/2018 gets a 15% discount ($ 765)
  • Registration of two trainees from the same entity, The second participant receives a 10% discount ($ 810)

Terms and Conditions:

  • The participants is allowed to withdraw from the course until 24 hours from the date of the course implementation and only 5% will be charged as administrative fee.
  • To reserve a seat in the course you must pay $ 100 and complete the full fees before the beginning of the course
  • KDV is not included in the fees above.

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