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Maintenance of central air conditioners HVAC

Training course Overview:

It commences with a review of psychrometric charts and then examines the factors that influence design choices, indoor air quality, load calculations and heating/ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Numerous tips and tricks taught throughout the course make it very practical and topical to your every day applications.

Training course contents:
  • Parts of HVAC systems
  • Air conditioner technology in terms of types
  • Air conditioners VRV AND VRF
  • How to choose suitable air conditioners
  • Control of air handling units (AHU)
  • Protection and maintenance of AHU air handling units
  • Fan coil technology and suction unit technology
  • Fan coil unit design
Training course Outcomes:
  • Maintain and troubleshoot HVAC systems
  • Understand and apply the psychrometic chart
  • Design for good air quality
  • Perform basic load calculations
  • Initiate an effective inspection and maintenance program
  • Reduce forced outages and prevent serious damage to HVAC equipment
  • Provide an overview of the legislative requirements plus the essential steps and responsibilities for the maintenance and repair of HVAC systems
  • Outline the technologies available for the efficient energy management using HVAC systems
Who should attend:
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electricity technician
  • Academics
  • HVAC project managers

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Course cost:

2600 €