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Protection Challenges Under Bulk Penetration of Renewable Energy Resources in Power Systems

DESIGN and selection of proper protection schemes are

very much essential for control and operation of power
systems. It helps in better power reliability, less damage to
power equipment and safety of operational personnel. The
protection philosophy is well established for power systems
which have conventional synchronous machines as their main
fault feeding source. Their protection schemes are designed at
the planning stage and reviewed from time to time whenever
new fault feeding source(s) are connected with the network.
The integration of renewables in the power system changes
the fault level and also the infeed is intermittent in nature [1].
The protection schemes which were designed at the planning
stage may operate reliably for low penetration infeed from
a renewable energy source (RES). But large penetration of
the RES leads to nuisance tripping of over current relays at
distribution feeders and their impact may reach to the distance
relays of the transmission system.

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Protection Challenges Under Bulk Penetration of