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Smart Grid Labs

Smart Grid Labs

The Smart Grid Lab provides a structure that allows components and configurations to be tested in a flexible and dynamic way, enabling researchers and students to simulate real network conditions and study specific situations. Simulating different energy flows or fault conditions will help to understand which components to use and what choices to make to ensure the greatest accuracy possible when managing electricity distribution networks.

The Smart Grid Lab will help address the new efficiency and stability challenges facing electricity distribution networks as they adapt to rapidly growing energy needs, the increasing penetration of renewable energy sources, the geographic dispersion of sources and the unpredictability of supply and demand are putting the efficiency and stability of electricity networks to the test.

Using the specially designed laboratory, Energco engineers will now be able to answer key questions such as how to determine the exact configuration of a protection system and the tripping logic? How can we increase the reliability of an electricity network? How to test the functionality of a new protection relay or an automation function for a particular network configuration? How to test the behavior of a communication device in the distribution network?

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