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Design of the Solar Power Plans

Design of the Solar Power Plants

We can create a complete engineering design and sales proposal with just an address and an electric bill. Save time with remote site analysis. Confidently design and quote systems rapidly. The software we use has irradiance engine provides NREL-validated solar access values that are statistically equivalent to traditional on-site shade measurement tools. Generate bankable Shade Reports that are accepted by major rebate authorities and utilities including NYSERDA, MassCEC, ONCOR, and more.

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and powerpoints. Our software takes all the information from your solar designs and simulations, then calculates financial returns for loans, leases, PPAs, and cash payments. Seamlessly combine design and financial information into sales proposals at the click of a button. Use customizable templates to sell solar the way you want.

Give you accurate estimates with industry-leading energy performance simulations. Our software has the first cell-string-level simulation engine available on the market—as precise and accurate as solar gets.

Create detailed designs and automatically ensure NEC-compliance in our software integrated CAD interface. Generate and export single line and layout diagrams for easy integration into the permitting processes.