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Electric Vehicles Course

Even without the rapid growth of EVs, our current power systems are in the midst of a disruptive transition towards cleaner, diversified and more flexible structures. If the transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicles (EVs) is to be achieved too, what will be the impact on these systems. What are the barriers to scale and what solutions (and hence market opportunities) will be essential? This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the multi-sector issues that must be understood and integrated, including: technology status and trends, quantitative analysis of electricity demand & supply, “smart” system and consumer behavioural influences.

EVs – cars, trucks, vans, scooters, bicycles

EV technology

Battery technology

Battery recharging

Renewable electricity recharging of EV batteries

Recharging infrastructure

Tailgate emissions

Well to wheel LCA calculations

EV financing and development